Trinità di Rublev


Andrej Rublëv
Icona della Trinità
, 1410 circa


Il Signore apparve a lui alle Querce di Mamre, mentre egli sedeva all’ingresso della tenda nell’ora più calda del giorno. Egli alzò gli occhi e vide che tre uomini stavano in piedi presso di lui... (Gen 18,1ss.)


* in collaborazione con Il Regno


Locally: Prayer, biblical and theological study; meetings to encourage dialogue, comparison, witness and service to the common good; support, cooperation and advice in diocesan initiatives and also in the initiatives of other Christian communities and those of civil society in general.

Nationally: Summer meetings to foster ecumenical dialogue, which are open to members and non-members of any age and any religious and cultural background.

Spring meetings organized yearly in different parts of the country.

Various initiatives, also in collaboration with other ecclesiastical and civil organizations, particularly those dealing with justice, peace and integrity of creation.

Regular publication of the minutes of meetings and of documents produced by the Theological Group. Publication of a quarterly newsletter reporting on recent ecumenical events and with information of interest to members.